Sarah Mensinga

I'm originally from Canada, but I now live in Texas with my husband, three kids and two cats. I often work in the animation industry, and this summer I'm working on a picture book and a novel that will hopefully be out sometime in 2018. For updates on those projects, or just to see new sketches and art, follow me on the social media links below. These days, I tend to be most active on Instagram. :)

Film and TV Credits

Escape From Planet Earth, Unconditional, The Ant Bully, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Eight Crazy Nights, Undergrads, Flying Rhino Junior High


The Forever Box - Flight 4, The Changeling - Flight 5, Above - Parable, Fish - Fablewood

Other Clients

St. Martin's Press, Zynga Games, Universal Parks, Nick Jr.