Sarah Mensinga

Hi, I'm a professional artist by day and stubbon writer by night. I'm originally from Canada, but I now live in Texas with my husband, three kids and two cats. I'm currently working as a production designer on an indie animated film, and when I can scrape together a few free moments (which is rare!) I'm prepping some books to publish. I'm planning to release a picture book and a YA novel in 2018. For updates on those projects, or just to see new sketches and art, follow me on some of the social media links below. These days, I tend to be most active on Instagram. :)

Film and TV Credits

Escape From Planet Earth, Unconditional, The Ant Bully, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Eight Crazy Nights, Undergrads, Flying Rhino Junior High


The Forever Box - Flight 4, The Changeling - Flight 5, Above - Parable, Fish - Fablewood

Other Clients

St. Martin's Press, Zynga Games, Universal Parks, Nick Jr.